In preparing to research the background and context to include in our Case Study about our own role in CrossRail, we came across some amazing content. The 13 miles of tunnels which allow CrossRail to effectively connect some of the furthest reaches of London, as well as reducing journey times for many other destinations, were of obvious interest to us.

With large scale TBMs used to bore the drives, and place the segments of tunnel wall behind as it progressed, CrossRail is one of the most prominent Tunnelling, Civil Engineering and Trenchless Technology schemes in recent memory in Western Europe.

Terra Solutions were contracted to construct some of the cross passages between the tunnels, to allow conduits to be installed so that utilities can travel where needed.

As experts in Eliminator Boring, Terra Solutions previous experience made them uniquely placed to manage and deliver the required 300mmØ cross passages.

We’re hard at work writing the Case Study for this, to take you behind the scenes and fill you in on the methodology, equipment, Health & Safety processes and all the other little details that go into making Terra Solutions the Trenchless Experts. This will of course come- as usual- for free on our Website, and be filled with stats, photos and diagrams, as well as being accompanied by images, videos, quotes and infographics.

Expect that within the next couple of weeks.

For now, enjoy this selection of the Top 5 CrossRail infographics, as curated by our management team here at Terra HQ.

(We say so far, because we’re working on a few of our own to accompany our Case Study! 😉 )


CrossRail Infographics1. We love this three pronged sustainability infographic. Taking sustainability as one of its core values, this perfectly demonstrates how CrossRail has carefully considered its impact, not just on the natural world and its ecosystems, but the equally complex economic and social nexuses that any major infrastructure project should affect.

At Terra Solutions we’ve made major environmental commitments, and the Trenchless Technologies we specialise in are intrinsically better for the environment than the Open Cut alternative, so it’s fantastic to see these practices being implemented at a macro level.

CrossRail Infographics

2. We’ve previously blogged about Air Quality, as well as environmentalism and Carbon Emissions, so seeing such a major reduction in the amount of Petrol and Diesel fumes being released into London’s air is very welcome news indeed.

CrossRail infographics

3. To see the massive undertaking that is CrossRail reduced into this useful grid of statistics is proof positive that the concept of infographics is a solid one. Much more easy to ingest than either a list of statistics, and more informative than just images/photos, these are an incredibly effective tool within our industry.

To note that CrossRail also used Trenchless Technology in the creation of its 42kms of tunnels is evidence that Trenchless is the premier way to create subterranean structures without interrupting the existing infrastructure above and around it.

CrossRail Infographics

4. Ultimately, this project is to improve the functionality and efficiency of the transport system in London, one of the most densely populated areas of Europe, with a growing population. This infographic demonstrates in an incredibly effective visual style the improvements it will make to commuters’ lives by making significant improvements to journey times.

CrossRail Infographics

5. And then there’s this one…

We’re not entirely sure what it all means, but it sure looks impressive!

Suggestions on a post card! 😂

Most of these infographics actually came from the CrossRail website, and were commissioned by CrossRail themselves, so for that effort in keeping people informed and keeping themselves accessible we commend their efforts! Civil Engineering benefits the public, so it should always be understood by them, and that’s always been what we’ve tried to use Terra Trenchless Technology Blog for.

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